Press pause on V Wars for around 49min to check out Australia’s first locally-made vampire mini-series.

If you a dig a retro approach to your vampire shows and appreciate slashes of humour, then keep reading. 

Buuuuutt, if you’re the type who’s vampire sessions are filled with Edward Cullen fantasies, then you may want to X out. 


For those of you still with us, here’s some exciting news! Australian TV just made a leap into the undead genre with ‘Nightwalkers’, the country’s first locally-made vampire series. 

Shout out to Sydney-based horror filmmaker, Adrian Castro, for leading production of the six-part show that he describes as a “love letter to honour the 80s horror genre”. 


Set in the culturally-rich Western Sydney, Nightwalkers depicts how a society of blood suckers would rule in the region and how two very Westie vampire slaying sisters would attempt to bring them down. 

In addition to being Australia’s first locally-made vampire series, the show also stars actor and producer Bee Cruse as the first Indigenous Vamp! 


If that wasn’t enough to get you to tune in, the show is full of blood, action, suspense, fangs, some humour, OH AND it features a cameo from Dawn of the Dead‘s Ken Foree (Peter)! 

Plus it’s full of Aussie accents, more-so than locally-made vampire movie Little Monsters

Each episode has a maximum running time of 9-10 minutes, which means you can binge the series in an easy 49-minutes before returning to Netflix’s V Wars

Nightwalkers is available on ABC iview for Australian audiences OR it can be viewed internationally on ABC Comedy’s Youtube page

Check out the trailer below: