If a dress-up over 18s pop culture after-party didn’t sound fun enough, it comes with free sushi! 

Pop culture convention, Go Atomic, is livening up its expo this year with an anime and manga-inspired adults-only after-party called Neko Nite.

Start practising your Popotan’s Caramelldansen hip moves now!

geeks-down-under-anime-dancing-pop culture

The event will be hosted alongside cosplay party geniuses, Neko Nation, which means the Japanese pop culture influence will be real and character dress-up is encouraged (although not compulsory). 

Specialist pop culture DJs will keep energy levels at a high with video game tunes as well as J-Pop and K-Pop’s catchiest hits. 

Headlining the line-up is D*Jadeabella, who’s known in the late-night pop culture scene for her wicked cosplay and electric mixes. 

In an after-party convention event first, the evening will feature live performances including idol dances, LED performances, cosplay shows and more surprises. 

Away from the live entertainment and dance floor, there’ll also be a range of activities available on the night such as a video gaming arena, a photobooth, and more. 

But of course, a highlight will be the FREE SUSHI, which will be served by Catgirls and Catboys. 

Organisers expect the free sushi to be divulged as quickly as a plate of noodles in front of Kid Goku, so arrive early to get your fill. 

geeks-down-under-anime-eating-gif-pop culture

Neko Nite will be held on the first night of Go Atomic (18 January) from 6.00pm to 11.00pm. 

Tickets to the after-party alone are selling from $25, while Go Atomic ticket holders can purchase a pass from $10. 

Click here for more information or click here to purchase tickets.