Among Spider-Man, Iron Man & right next to Wolverine is Madame Tussauds Sydney’s newest figure… Captain Marvel!

Wipe the sweat off your iPhone camera and sort out your pose because this is the closest you’ll get to meeting Captain Marvel in Australia. 

The not-so-alien but very powerful hero flew into Madame Tussauds Sydney‘s Marvel Super Heroes room today (14 December) where she hovers as the only female superhero in the room. 


Depicting the Brie Larson-version of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers, the figure captures her mid-flight as she prepares to battle between two alien civilisations. 

She’s fitted into her fierce blue, dark red and gold-starred Cinematic Universe costume, including those red and golden boots. 

In true Madame Tussauds style, the detail in the figure is unbelievably lifelike and we can’t help but feel intimated by that incredible side-eye! 


Feeling intimated and loving it! 

Much like her fellow male heroes, the figure features an interactive element whereby fans can feel what it’s like to have her powers in front of a multi-user AR screen. 

It’s a ‘blast’ (haha). See a sample of the experience below:

Once you’ve grabbed 101 shots next to Danvers, Madame Tussauds Sydney’s Marvel Super Heroes area offers opportunities to wear (kind of) Iron Man’s suite, crawl across the ceiling with Spider-Man, and break out of prison with Wolverine. 

The only thing missing from the room, especially the Captain Marvel experience is… a Flerken! 

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