Birds of Prey will have little to no connection with Suicide Squad, that’s good news if you weren’t big on the latter.

Sue Kroll, Birds of Prey Producer, assured DCEU followers that despite starring Margot Robbie’s version of Harley Quinn, the movie is in no way connected to the Suicide Squad

Speaking to ScreenRant, Kroll stressed that it’s “not a sequel” and not a “continuation of that story” but rather a completely “standalone movie”. 


“It has nothing to do with her break out of prison.” 

Well, I guess that definitely rules out any potential appearances by Jared Leto’s mafia-inspired version of The Joker. 

Kroll continued, saying that the movie will be about Harley Quinn’s “emancipation” after breaking up with her Puddin’. 

“This is her personal journey of discovery with these women,” she said.

“So it’s not related at all, so don’t try to apply linear logic to how the two go, because they don’t.”

Errrr, does anyone else think this is beginning to sound like a Harley Quinn solo movie featuring cameos from other female villains?! 

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn) is due out in cinemas on 5 February 2020. 

The movie will be rated R, which means viewers can expect a lot of pigtailed cussing. 


Robbie told that there was a lot of freedom to filming an R-rated movie because “you can’t go as deep… if you have to censor yourself”. 

Check out the trailer below: