Stop acting like a slow zombie & rent Little Monsters on Foxtel now. 

You may have spotted the bright yellow posters with a bloodied Lupita Nyong’o jumping over a sea of hands, and after a quick glance, continued to go about your day.

You could have been one of the many just completely oblivious to the movie’s existence, or you’re one of the few that watched the trailer but weren’t completely sold.

Well, here’s some advice. Stop sitting on Little Monsters and rent it on Foxtel now!


Set in the fictional Australian town of Pleasant Valley, Little Monsters follows Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong-o) and a washed-up musician with a boner for the schoolteacher, Dave (Alexander), as they deploy all possible techniques to distract a group of Kindergarten students from a herd of zombies.

Thanks to a combination of witty writing, musical juxtaposition and Australian crudeness, the movie features some of the funniest blood-soaked scenes since Assassination Nation that’ll leave you cackling in your seat from opening credits to D&Ms over Taylor Hanson.

Lupita Nyong’o, the fast-growing queen of horror, was unsurprisingly brilliant throughout the movie, as she perfectly embodied the role of zombie slaying caretaker. She’s the Kindergarten teacher we all wish we had (especially because of those Taylor Swift performances).


Josh Gad is a truly comical standout as Teddy McGiggle, the foul-mouthed and highly depressed children’s TV personality who hates children.

Gad and his stiffened face do such as incredible job at playing the green-suited alcoholic sex addict that you’ll never be able to watch Olaf in Frozen with adorable innocence again.


And despite playing alongside highly esteemed American actors, Aussie talent, Alexander England, held his own with a delivery and presence that matched that of his peers. He’s definitely an actor worth watching.

So if you haven’t already, go check out Little Monsters, a cheerful twist on the played out zombie genre starring the outback, the world’s most dedicated Kindergarten teacher, a drop-kick Aussie bloke and a vulgar children’s TV personality with a sex addiction.

Check out the trailer below:

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