Don’t try to lie! Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is headed to Australia.

Warner Bros. Movie World is expanding its WB Studio Showcase in November, with items from a series of your favourite films.

We’re talking props and costumes from Wonder Woman, Shazam, the Suicide Squad AND Mad Max Fury Road.


The announcement was made on the theme park’s Instagram page this morning, with the array of movie pieces arriving at the start of next month (tomorrow).

Pieces will include Wonder Woman’s sword and shield, Hippolyta’s sword and shield, the Lasso of Truth, Princess Diana’s costume, and Steve’s uniform.

From the Suicide Squad, fans will be able to see in person Harley Quinn’s red, blue and white outfit, along with her deadly bat.

Deadshot’s lens shot will be there, as well as, The Joker’s bad boy meets gangsta outfit.

Moving onto Shazam, the Showcase will feature a special ‘Rock of Eternity’ photo opportunity with the Super Hero Family.

Plus, there’ll also be Shazam’s suit and Billy Batson’s costume.

Beyond the three DC movies, guests will also be able to see props and costumes from Mad Max Fury Road, A Star Is Born, and The Great Gatsby.

WB Studio Showcase is located past Doomsday Destroyer. Click here for more information on the exhibit.