Get some thicker skin because the queen of shade may very well be making a comeback (although maybe not to Netflix).

Jessica Jones, the hero whose insults burn deeper than a shot of Russian vodka, is rumoured to be one of two Marvel/Netflix characters to return to Marvel’s lineup.

Although far from being confirmed, MCU Cosmic reported that the sharp-tongued hero, along with Daredevil, could be moved into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Kevin Feige’s request.

According to the news site, the President of Marvel Studios, who was also recently charged with heading up Marvel Television, is a fan of the two characters and hopes to reintroduce them in either future MCU shows or movies.

Rumours of Marvel’s TV superheroes joining the MCU have circulated since earlier this year, when the entire lineup of shows (Daredevil, Iron First, Jessica Jones, The Punisher and Luke Cage), were cancelled in a terminated Netflix deal.

What’s new about the resurrection of chatter is that Feige isn’t keen to reboot the characters, but rather simply pick them back up with Krysten Ritter and Charlie Cox continuing in the roles.

But as mentioned earlier, it’s all just rumours for now. Until more information is available you can rewatch all three seasons of Jessica Jones on Netflix or click here to read some of the character’s best insults we’d like to use IRL.

Which Marvel character do you hope returns in the MCU? Let us know by commenting below.

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