Dust off the Book of Shadows (the original one), because the OG Charmed sisters may reunite (well, at least two of them are keen).

Did anyone else just accidentally let off a few Whitelighter orbs in their panties?

The excitement is very real in the Charmed community right now (including those here in the Geeks Down Under team), because Alyssa Milano (aka the sister that can see into the future and feel exactly what you feel, Phoebe Halliwell) just let slip that there are talks of rebooting the series. Except it wouldn’t be a series.

Speaking to Access Daily, Milano said that she and Holly Marie Combs (aka the sister that blows things up with her hands, Piper Halliwell) have talked about the possibility of continuing the show with movies that’d go straight to Netflix.

“They have the new Charmed, which is on The CW, and it’s very different,” she told hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover.

“It’s a different show and it felt like they were trying to capitalise off the name but not continuing on the storyline or the legacy.”

As a solution and a tribute to long-time fans of the OG series, Milano and Combs think it’d be “really fun” to create a few movies and give “new blood”.

Uhh, someone call Netflix and greenlight the movies now, please!

Would you be keen for a few Charmed movies?

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