Just when you thought flash mobs were out, Supanova announced it’s bringing them back at superspeed.

Supanova, one of Australia’s biggest pop culture conventions, is inviting Queenslanders to be part of a ‘flash’ mob that requires them to dress up as… The Flash.

That’s right, it’s an actual ‘Flash’ mob.

The spontaneous yet completely pre-planned gathering will take place at Supanova Brisbane on 9 November at 11.30am, and invites anyone to take place, so long as they’re dressed in Flash cosplay.

FYI, it doesn’t haven’t to be the 1990 John Wesley Shipp version of the hero. It can be any red and yellow (or in some cases red, black and metallic) costume from across the multiverse.

In an Instagram post, Supanova Expo explained that the event will celebrate the release of the final season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD.

Oh, and as a little extra perk of attending, the convention will be giving away The Big Bang Theory merchandise.


Click here for more information, or click here to discover 12 times The Flash’s speed would come in handy in real life.

Which version of the super fast hero is your favourite & why?

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