What happens when you mix The Dark Knight, Batman, with his quirkiest enemy, Joker? You get BXJ.

Geek X, creators of collector statues and comic memorabilia, have unveiled their latest design, a part-Batman-part-Joker item that’s as wicked (and creepy) as it sounds.

Well, at least it seems so in early renderings.


The officially licensed piece is described by its creators as a “chaotic unification” of the two Gotham-based characters that symbolises their “bond and inevitable attachment”.

Seems as though Batman really couldn’t kill The Joker without becoming him…


BXJ, as it’s so appropriately titled, stands roughly 42cm tall and cuts the couple of enemies at half-bust.

It’s made from high-quality polystone resin, it’s hand-painted AND it features a special touch Batarang and Joker playing card at the base.

Look at that detail!


BXJ’s official release date has yet-to-be-revealed, however, you can direct all your inquiries to the Geek X team by clicking here.

What’s the coolest piece of memorabilia you own?

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