Oz Comic-Con Melbourne is upon us! With all the excitement surrounding the much anticipated event, Geeks Down Under jumped at the chance to have a quick chat with the cool & collected Lesley-Ann Brandt aka Mazikeen from Lucifer.

She tells us she’s ready to meet the fans and opens up about what she loves about her kick-ass character:


Hello Leslie-Ann! How are you doing? Is it freezing in Melbourne?

I’m good thanks, how are you? I have arrived and I am ready for ‘Con this weekend. It’s pretty cold today, it was a little sunnier yesterday, I think we’ve turned straight into Winter now.


Yes, here we’ve somehow missed Autumn entirely. So, you’re here for Comic Con & that’s very exciting. What would you say is the cultural relevance of events like these?


Well, Comic Cons bring people together from around the world regardless of race gender, sexual orientation, language and religion. People bond over these characters, these shows, video games and comic artists that they love, and I think that there’s something to be said about that. It’s really beautiful.


Regarding characters, you play Mazikeen in Lucifer. She’s a fantastically complex and interesting character, especially in the way she seeks to find her own purpose and connect with others. On your Instagram you posted a moment from the comic book series that made you certain you wanted to play her. Could you elaborate on why that particular image spoke to you?

I think because the comic books were quite progressive for the time and having this character openly kissing another girl in the Silver City, just spoke to me in that she had no fear and really didn’t care what anybody else would think. She loved this character and she showed them that she did.

I loved the idea of playing the devil’s best friend. She was so complex and had gay relationships and was the leader of the Lilim army. There was so much to her that I thought, this would be interesting to tackle onscreen.


I’m glad that you mentioned Mazikeen’s origins as a comic book figure. With the massive presence of comic book characters in media at the moment, how do you think characters like Maze differentiate from the rest and why is it important they come to the forefront?


The source material’s worlds are crazy in terms of how elaborate the concepts and story are. As a show we could only really focus on Lucifer’s time in L.A and his opening of Lux. When you think of humanity’s biggest enemies, the devil is right up there. Our show and characters like Mazikeen turn that idea on its head as we explore the humanity of the characters and humanity in general. Is it the devil’s fault that you’ve done really terrible things in your life or were you given choices, chose poorly and then were punished for it?

Having this strong female character that is rough and jagged, a dark diamond if you will, who has heart and doesn’t punish anyone that doesn’t deserve it and is loyal to her friends, I think we could use more of these characters on television. She’s also a great character representative for the LGBTQ community.


Maze is pretty fit and knows how to handle herself. Did you have to do much training for the role?


In terms of the physicality I did some training in Season 1. I was introduced to my blades, which were the idea of my choreographer at the time, Dan Rizutto, and I did a lot of Filipino Martial Arts. That being said, I’ve always been an athlete. I played a lot of sports in school and I’m fortunate that I pick up choreography really quickly.

I really love that (physical) aspect of the character. What you see in the fights is 99% me. With the big hits its my stunt double. During the second season when I was pregnant I had my stunt double do a lot of my stuff. In fact we joked about it because when I got pregnant I was like, “Janine you finally get to do some fighting!”

I think its such an important part of the character and I always wanted to give 150%.


You totally do! I kind of think of Maze in the same way I think of Pam from True Blood. She’s a fantastic female character that is a massive draw to the program. Speaking of which, for anyone out there that hasn’t watched Lucifer yet, how would you get them invested in the show?


I would say that there’s something in it for everyone. If you’re a fan of the comic books there’s something in it for you, it’s these characters that you know. There’s romance, action… there’s a shit load of comedy if you like a good ‘ol belly laugh. It’s a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously but when we need to it has a lot of heart and a lot of depth. Throughout the series you’ll get to see how much this cast really loves each other because it comes through in the work.


Lesley-Ann Brandt will be at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne this weekend (9-10 June) where she’ll meet fans, sign autographs and answer questions. She joins an incredible line-up of actors including Clare Kramer (Buffy/Bring it On), KJ Apa (Riverdale), Julian Dennison (Deadpool) and more. CLICK HERE for more information.

Are you a Lucifer fan? Tell us what you love about Lesley-Ann Brandt’s character below.

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  1. I like the Mazikeen character (and Lesley-Ann’s portrayal) because of her fierce loyalty. At first, it’s only for Lucifer. But as her world is forced to expand because of Lucifer’s stubborness about staying in LA, that loyalty begins to expand–first to Trixie, then to Linda and Amenadiel and finally Chloe. Woe unto the person who threatens her friends. Who wouldn’t want a friend willing to slice someone to protect them? 😈 #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer !

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