Marvel fans near and wide will have most definitely heard the news by now…

Melbourne’s government has entered an eight-year agreement with The Walt Disney Company to rename Etihad Stadium into MARVEL STADIUM from 1 September 2018.

That’s huge, not only because the announcement has immediately raised geek interest in sport, but it’s also the first major and semi-permanent slice of the Cinematic Universe to arrive down under.

In an official statement, Disney Australia’s Senior VP and MD, Kylie Watson-Wheeler, promised that Marvel Stadium would bring fans closer to the Marvel brand by offering a “unique and exciting experience for all”.

While Kylie didn’t elaborate on what these immersive experiences may be, the Stadiums’ Chief Executive Michael Green, told that this will include a “retail presence”, which COULD POTENTIALLY be Australia’s first and only official Marvel Store.

If so, then finally!

Guardians Gif

He continued, saying that Marvel-based street art will also go up in the area as a means of “bringing content and characters to life from day one”.

“We’re going to start small, but yes there will be a retail presence from the start, but what you will see certainly from the get-go is a really immersive experience,” he said.

“I think this is going to be a relationship that is so much more than a name on a building, we’re working with Marvel to really deliver an immersive and interactive experience for all patrons coming into the building from September 1st.”

WEEEEE can’t wait! Gonna buy everything!


Are you excited for the Marvel retail store in Melbourne?

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