You won’t need quirky detective skills to win this one, just a big heart and some charity dollars. & Red Nose Day USA are giving one lucky Sherlock fan from around the world the chance to have the “best f#cuking breakfast” of their life with cast from the BBC show!

Can you imagine having “eggs & sh#t” with Benedict Cumberbatch aka Sherlock…

Mark Gatiss aka Mycroft Holmes

Andrew Scott aka Moriarty…

Louise Brealey aka Molly…

And Steven Moffat aka the series showrunner.

Epic right?

In addition to having breakfast with the actors, the winner and a guest will receive a private Sherlock tour around London with Louise, take a VIP tour of the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street AND stay at The Sherlock Holmes Hotel.

Flights are included (wooo), all you need is to be over 13 years old, have a valid passport and be able to travel to London for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

OH, and you have to donate to Red Nose Day USA, which raises funds to support its mission to end child poverty.

You can check out FULL DETAILS by clicking here.

Good luck!!


How much of a Sherlock fan are you?

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