That Avengers: Infinity War!

Wow, what an epic… three hours? What was the run time? So much happened, I lost track of time (not the one Dr Strange was meant to protect).

I won’t drag this intro out with comments on how much I loved the movie because I’m fairly certain everyone who contributed to that record breaking opening weekend thought it was incredible.

You’re here to read about the eight random thoughts I had – so random BTW – and I’m going to try and do this without any spoilers.

HOWEVER, in saying that I’m fairly certain that at some point I will slip up so don’t read this if you haven’t watched the movie yet.


1. How is everyone so attractive?

No seriously, it was about the time when the heroes had formed two groups (one on Earth and one on Titan) that I was like… damn, there is not one bad looking person in this movie. Even Thanos with his “ball sack chin” had something going for him – it’s gotta be the build and eyes.


2. Dr Strange could learn from Wong

Remember early on when Wong cut the baddie’s arm off by shutting the orange transporter (I’m not even gonna pretend to know what it’s called)? Dr Strange could’ve ended the ‘war’ in a second if he’d used the fellow monk wizard’s technique on Thanos, but then we wouldn’t have had an awesome movie to watch so…


3. Umm, why am I sympathising with Thanos’ rational

Kill half the population so the other half can live better quality lives – it’s ridiculous! It’s madness! So why am I starting to sympathise with it?! Argh, I’m afraid of my own thoughts right now.


4. Wakanda & everyone in it is so cool

Image: Marvel Studio

If I could choose a fictional home, it’d be Black Panther’s and I’d be his sister’s assistant cause she is the genius I want to be.


5. Thor is so pretty 😍 but also so dumb 🙄

Image: Marvel Studios

The chest? I mean REALLY! Even Quill knew to go for the arm and he’s one dopey MF.


6. Okay some of that can definitely be reversed

Image: Marvel Studios

They just need to get the Time Stone back and give it to… oh f#ck! Never mind. Oh wait, there’s still Wong!


7. Wait, so Dr Strange knew his future was… dusty

He saw every scenario right? He’d obviously carry out the one where everything works out, but did he tell anyone how that played out?


8. That was a great Segway


Marvel’s end credit scenes are always pretty awesome, but this one! First I freaked out because we were losing two of our faves, and second, Captain Marvel (yeah, spoiler! I warned you!).

FEATURED IMAGE: Marvel Studios

What were some of your random thoughts during the movie?

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