Beating a Jedi in the battle of ratings isn’t easy but yet Marvel has managed to do just that.

The Cinematic Universe’s Infinity War May have only been released five days but it’s already breaking records, earning around $250 million in the US and $630 million globally.

These figures topped the current record holder for the biggest opening weekend, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, by just under $3 million, Box Office Mojo reported.

Go Marvel!

The secret to the movie’s success is pretty obvious – squeeze as many characters possible into one movie so fans across the board feel obliged to watch.

JK! It’s because the MCU has created a highly addictive storyline presented by well-developed and well-loved characters.

But it does help to have everyone’s favourite come together in one film.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars empire will need to grab their lightsabers and fight a little hard on the third movie if they want to win back their title.

Have you watched Avengers: Infinity War yet?

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