There’s a lot for Aussies to look forward to in 2018 when it comes to conventions and fantasy/sci-fi gatherings.

We have a line up of incredible celebrity guests attending conventions this year, including practically the entire cast of The Walking Dead (Neegan! YAY), the newly retired Doctor from Doctor Who and former members of Teen Wolf.

And entertainment at each event is bound to be bigger and better than last year, as conventions continue teaming up with movie production companies such as Disney and Roadshow Entertainment to promote major movies releases (remember Thor’s promotion at a convention in Brisbane last year?)

Also interesting in 2018, is the growing interest in niche gatherings from sword-specialising events to fur-themed meetings.

Yes, fur-themed.

These unique events are gaining attention in 2018 for featuring two elements people love about traditional, old school events – they’re wild and they’re a little odd.

We came across dozens (there’s so many, it’s incredible), and narrowed them down to 9 we think are the most unique events that you may not have known you could attend in Australia.


Completely Improvised Potter, Western Australia – 27 January

Image: Improvised Potter

This. Sounds. Epic!

From what we gather, this group of good looking people pictured above will present a Potter-inspired show, that’s completely made up on the spot and absolutely unlike the books.

How it works is, attendees provide them with the title of Harry Potter book that was never written and then the performers make magic.

It’s described as “more magical than Merlin and funnier than a trip to Zonko’s”.

Click here for more information.


Mythical Markets, Victoria – 27 January

Image: Mythical Markets

Sounds magical, and apparently they are.

The markets are described (by us) as the Diagon Alley of fantasy shopping in Victoria, but with stalls instead of stores and a forest-type setting rather than a dark, cobblestone street.

Organisers say it’s the ideal place to add to your costumes or collectables “from the realms of fantasy and imagination”.

The markets is also home to the ‘Faery Quest’ where attendees can take part in a scavenger-hunt style game.

Of course, dress up is encouraged.

Click here for more information.


Zombie Aporcalypse, Victoria – 17 February

So this is essentially the Tough Mudder fitness challenge, but with zombies. It’s pretty freaking incredible.

Kids and adults complete a course of physical challenges, while trying to avoid zombies – and dude, they actually attack.

It’s entertaining for those taking part in the race, but it’s also a blast for those who get to spend a day dressed as ‘the walking dead’, which BTW you can totally sign up to do!

Click here for more information.


Confurgence, Victoria – 23-25 February

Image: Confurgence

You know Mickey Mouse, Snagglepuss and Yogi Bear? Well, these beloved cartoon characters actually fall under a category called ‘fictional anthropomorphic animal characters’ and there are dozens of conventions dedicated to celebrating them.

One of the first fur-themed conventions of the year is Confurgence in Melbourne, where attendees will spend two days dressing up as their favourite furry superhero, attending panels on the subject and meeting special guests.

The event is also celebrating its Diamond Anniversary this year, so it’ll be extra fur-tastic.

Click here for more information.


Jane Austen Fest, Canberra – 12-15 April

Image: Jane Austen Festival

In its 11th year, this period gathering continues to draw large, Directoire fashion-wearing crowds.

Based on the timeless novel, the Jane Austen Festival gives attendees the opportunity to travel back to the Regency era for four days of dancing, balls, watercolour painting, 18th century hair styling and more.

Click here for more information.


OzBunnyCon, Victoria – 30 March -3 April

Image: OzBunnyCon

The title to this convention is misleading!

First, it has nothing to do with bunnies. Second, it has everything to do with board games, which is actually really fun!

Board game enthusiasts (or just anyone looking for a unique escape) spend four days over the Easter holidays playing a variety of games, ranging from those that require strategy to those that tend to appear at parties.

Click here for more information.


Triway Peak, South Australia – 20-22 April

Image: Adelaide Roleplaying Community

It’s like an Escape Room challenge but three days long and without the walls.

Attendees dress in theme and work together to investigate a “mysterious radio signal coming from the top of a mountain”.

The weekend features adult themes and so is only open to those over 18 years old.

Adelaide’s Roleplaying Community hosts a range of events throughout the year, click here for more information.


Paracon, NSW – 16-17 June

Image: Paracon Australia

Are you afraid of the dark? Er, or ghosts?

Australia’s only paranormal conference called ‘Paracon’ is dedicated to giving fans of the supernatural a place to converse over all things unearthly.

Over two days they’ll be able to hear from paranormal experts and mediums, debate the existence of transcendent beings as well as attend the ‘After Dark’ session featuring a paranormal investigation and psychic comedy session.

Click here for more information.


Steampunk, Tasmania – 30 June 2018

Image: Steampunk Tasmania

Steampunk, for those who aren’t yet enlightened (*coughs* us), is where science fiction meets 19th century industrial steam-powered technology. In other words, kind of a like a throwback sci-fi genre.

Every year, dozens of Steampunk fans meet in Tasmania to celebrate the genre by taking part in teapot racing, tea dueling, costume parades and more.

It’s fascinating, plus you get to see Australia’s stunning south island.

Click here for more information.

FEATURED IMAGE: Noel Nichols/Unsplash

Seen or attending any other unique events around Australia? Share them with us below!

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