Queensland may seem to be Australia’s capital of all things heroic as the host of the Marvel Exhibition, Thor: Ragnarok AND Aquaman movies as well as all the DC heroes at Warner Bros. Studios.

But Sydney, we’ve found your superhero edge. You have something smashing that the Sunshine State is yet to receive, a permanent set up of heroes to pose with.

You’ve likely heard of Madame Tussaud’s in Sydney or seen its colourful entrance in Darling Harbour.

What you may not have realised about the interactive attraction is that it doesn’t just house incredibly life-like wax figures of famous political leaders, top models and celebrities, it has a cool superhero setup where you can ‘selfie’ alongside some of your favourite live-action characters.

Like for example:


You can pop your head over an Iron Man armour and pose alongside Tony…


Or get your claws out with Wolverine…


You can ‘climb walls’ with Spider-Man…


And phone home with ET…


You can get cosy with John McClane…


And you can travel to the future with Arnie…

Which hero would you most like to pose with?

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