Good news fellow Amazonians, Wonder Woman was such a hit in cinemas that Warner Bros. is fast tracking the sequel’s release.

The studio announced last month that Diana Prince’s second movie will be filmed, edited and out in cinemas by December 2019.

So in addition to seeing the goddess in this year’s Justice League movie, we’ll get more Lasso action in a little over two years!

The announcement should cheer up a whole lot DCEU followers, as it’s the only movie in the ‘universe’ to receive a confirmed follow-up date. Fans are still patiently waiting for details on sequels for Man of Steel and Suicide Squad

The news is also an incredible rebuttal for those caught up in a superhero debate with someone who would dare say that comic readers can’t relate to nor want to see female heroes on the big screen.

Wonder Woman was released worldwide last month and smashed the box office record as the highest earning live-action movie by a female director.

Are you excited for a Wonder Woman sequel? 

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