Comic-Con is a happy place where film and TV buffs meet their idols, interact with like-minded folk and compete in cosplay. 

It’s also a massive marketing opportunity for studio heads who use the weekend-long convention to create hype around their projects.

No complaints about that, because it means attendees are among the first in the world to check out exclusive clips and trailers.

However, that also means that there’s so much news emerging from the event that for us outsiders it’s practically impossible to keep up, unless you’re stalking the SDCC hashtag on Twitter all weekend.

So to save you the trouble of developing any unhealthy internet habits, we’ve united all the new comic-related trailers released at the 2017 event into one place.

Check them out (listed in completely random order) below:


Marvel’s Inhumans S1


Krypton S1


X-Men: Gifted S1


The Walking Dead S8


Legends of Tomorrow S3


The Defenders S1


Supergirl S3


The Originals S5


The 100 S5


Riverdale S2


Gotham S4


Arrow S6


Teen Wolf 6B


Black Lightning S1


Stranger Things S2


The Flash S4


Justice League


Thor: Ragnarok

Did we miss any? Share them with us below.

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