Did they talk to you about Origins before announcing it? Do you think the Colonel/General will be in it? Do you think this means more Stargate projects are on the way? Will you be apart of any of them?

Okay, that’s more like four but they’re all about the one thing – that new Stargate series.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, MGM is reviving its Stargate franchise with a new 10-episode digital show called Stargate Origins.

The series will air exclusively on a new streaming website called Stargate Command, with each episode running for around 10 minutes.

As the series title suggests, the show will tell the story of Stargate’s history on Earth and will revolve around the younger version of the much-loved character Catherine Langford, who appeared in both the original Stargate movie and the SG1 series.

Image: GramUnion.com
You may remember, Catherine worked alongside the military and her fiance, Ernest, to bring the Gate online, however, after many failed attempts ( SPOILER ALERT – they did manage to get it online once, during which time her fiance walked through and never came back until SG1 found him many years later) she recruited the shunned archeologist, Dr Daniel Jackson to assist.

The announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for Aussies because Richard Dean Anderson aka the unforgettable Jack O’Neill will be in Sydney AND Melbourne next month at the ‘Return to the Gate‘ convention.

Anderson along with other actors from the SG1 series, including Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter), Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn) and Gary Jones (Walter) will take part in Question and Answer sessions and I think it’s safe to assume everyone will have enquires about the renewed franchise and the opportunities it creates.

Although he’ll probably deflect them all with that dry sense of humour we all love 🙂

So far, none of the actors have used their social media platforms to comment on the new series so hopefully they’ll be able to answer a few questions next month!

‘Return to the Gate’ will be in Sydney on 12 August and Melbourne on 13 August. Click here for more information.

Personally, I’m happy for any new Stargate content, but am especially excited that they’ve chosen a show focusing on a character fans have an existing connection with.

I hope Stargate Origins’ success (positive thinking guys – it’s going to be a success!) will lead to additional Stargate shows, maybe even one about Cassandra, the young girl who appeared in SG1 as a human bomb and was later adopted and raised by Dr Fraiser, OR perhaps (I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up) a potential Stargate Universe revival, because knowing Eli is alone while everyone sleeps is kind of heartbreaking.

They’re just my thoughts.

Featured image: Stargate.wikia.com

What will you ask the SG1 team next month?

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