Will it be a Wonder Woman sequel? Perhaps it’s the solo Batman flick? Or could it be another female-focused hit such as the Gotham City Sirens

For now we can only speculate because the only thing Warner Bros has confirmed is that two new DC movies will be released in 2020.

Two dates (14 February 2020 and 5 June 2020) were added to two existing 2020 slots (3 April 2020 and 24 June 2020), meaning DCEU (DC Extended Universe) fans can look forward to FOUR movie releases in the one year, Variety reported.

Although the comic universe has outlined plans to release several movies focused on different characters over the next few years, so far only two have received official release dates including The Justice League, which will be out on 17 November this year and Aquaman, coming 21 December 2018.

That leaves a number of films patiently waiting for release dates, including the highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel, a solo Batman movie, Harley Quinn’s spin-off, a second Suicide Squad flick or one focused on the Green Lanterns Corp.

Image: Warner Bros.

A safe bet would be that Warner Bros. is reserving one of these dates (or even an earlier date) for a Wonder Woman sequel to follow up on the success of the first.

As I said earlier, it’s all speculation right now but maybe we’ll find out at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

Featured Image: Warner Bros

Which DCEU movie are you most looking forward to? 

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