Diana Prince proved she was movie royalty when she topped a number of her male counterparts during her opening weekend and set a new record for the best debut of an American film by a female director.

She’s also the first in the DC Extended Universe to receive praise all-round and of course, she’s the first female superhero to receive her own movie in today’s cinematic universes.

It looks as though Wonder Woman’s success on the big screen won’t be slowing down anytime soon, with the goddess knocking out all her rivals this weekend when she set a new record for the lowest drop in 1st to 2nd week domestic weekend earnings.

In other words, A LOT of people still want to watch the movie after the initial buzz.

According to a retweet by the movie’s Director, Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman made $57.2 million during her second weekend in cinemas, higher than any other superhero debut.

Go Wonder Woman!

With the movie’s success on the big screen, Warner Bros. is already looking at a solo follow-up for the hero, which Jenkins hopes will include former Wonder Woman actress, Lynda Carter (who is currently appearing in The CW’s Supergirl).

In the meantime, click here to read what GDU thought of Wonder Woman.

Have you watched Wonder Woman? Tell us what you thought of the movie below.

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