Watch any movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), DC Extended Universe (DCEU) or X-Men franchise and they’re generally littered with ‘Easter Eggs‘ and post-credit snippets designed to entice viewers to watch the sequel and/or the next release in the collection.

Even Deadpool reluctantly teased Cable’s arrival in the forthcoming sequel.

So when it came time to deliver Logan, the last of the Wolverine standalone movies, Director James Mangold said he had an unique opportunity to create a movie that didn’t need to set up for any follow up films.

“The movie is not a platform to sell toys to children or to sell an additional film,” he explained. “It’s just a film, trying within the boundaries, from the opening credits to end, of being excellent.”

Mangold touched on the mature-feel of the film, by explaining that the decision to make an adult-rated movie gave him a chance to introduce adult themes and “more interesting ideas”.

Check out the clip below for more:

Meanwhile, Mangold recently told Cinemablend which of the scenes were his favourite, and they include Logan’s first scene with Patrick in the tank, the scene where Laura, Logan and Charles escape from the smelting plant, and the scenes with Logan and the kids.

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Have you watched Logan? Tell us what you thought of the movie below.

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