You’ve probably read the mainstream reviews by now, or seen snippets of them posted to the Wonder Woman Instagram page, and the verdict is fairly unanimous – ‘Wonder Woman’ is brilliant.

She’s softened the hearts of the harshest of critics who have described the hero’s first solo foray on the big screen (minus her cameo in Batman v Superman) as ‘wonderful’, ‘entertaining’, ‘funny’ and ‘stunning”, while on Rotten Tomatoes she’s earned an impressive score of over 90 percent.

And let’s not forget that she’s already slaying some of her male counterparts in the Box Office, with early opening weekend figures indicating she’s well on her way to surpassing The Dark Knight ($199.7 million) and Thor: The Dark World ($195 million) with over $200 million worldwide.

Image: Warner Bros.

The Wonder Woman film is attracting all the right attention and cashing in big because the truth is, it’s a magnificent superhero movie.

In two-and-a-half hours of pure satisfaction, Patty Jenkins (Director), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and the wondrous team deliver a strong, non-condensed story, thrilling action, beautiful costumes and stunning sets (Themyscira *jaw drops* take me there please).

Image: Warner Bros.

Born to play Diana Prince, Gal Gadot, perfectly encaptures the ferocity and the heart of the hero while surprising viewers with a number of LOL-moments, that really serve as a reminder to Warner Bros. that humour can go a long way, especially in a dark comic movie.

She’s backed by a line up of amazing actors, such as Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and everyone who appeared on Themyscira, I was absolutely taken by the training scenes; Chris Pine, the brave and subtly charming Steve; Elena Anaya, who was as twisted and submissive as Arnim Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger; and of course Lucy Davis, who’s personality was bigger and more contagious than any heroes as Etta ‘the secretary’.

Image: Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman is a huge feat for Warner Bros. and everyone involved in the DC Extended Universe, which let’s be honest, hasn’t received such balanced praise for a (non-Lego) comic movie since the Dark Knight trilogy.

But more importantly, I’d like to say thank you Patty Jenkins and the team for giving a female hero ‘Justice’ in today’s movie ‘universes’.

Image: Warner Bros.

Thank you for doing what Disney Studios, Marvel and even 20th Century Fox has failed to do – prove that the world not only needs, but WANTS more female representation in superhero flicks.

It’s not enough to have Black Widow assisting Captain America in a search for Winter Soldier or have Scarlet Witch’s powers downplayed during an airport fight scene. It’s irritating as hell to see a strong character like Rogue turned into a conflicted, bratty teenager throughout the X-Men franchise, and don’t even get me started on how we’re 15 movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we have to wait another TWO YEARS before one of their female heroes gets a solo movie OR that there’s currently no plans for a solo female X-Men movie.

Best moments: Every second – but thoroughly enjoyed spending time on Themyscira.

Shout out to young Wonder Woman, Lilly Aspell: What an amazing talent!

Can’t forget: How well Patty blended action, humour and female empowerment. Again, thank you.

What could have been a little different: It was a hard to forget David Thewlis played Remus…

Suggestion from a friend for the Wonder Woman sequel: It’s okay for Wonder Woman to get dirty during the fight scenes.

Have you watched Wonder Woman yet? Tell us what you thought below.

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