Season two was a critical one for Supergirl and it’s not just because she was pulled out of the Phantom Zone of cancelled shows, moved to a new network and injected with new life.

In 22 episodes, the DC character and her group of fellow heroes thwarted two major attacks on National City while removing several less-disastrous threats, they welcomed a few new good guys to the team, learned to accept that not all Luthors are evil and they all experienced some sort of romance.

Yes, it was a big one that flew by so quickly, you’ve probably already forgotten half the things that happened, so here’s a quick recap (OBVIOUSLY don’t read on if you haven’t finished watching it yet – this is literally all spoilers!):


1. The CW decided it wasn’t time for James Olsen to be Kara’s love interest

2. But with the help of Winn, he found a new calling as ‘The Guardian’

3. And even received a boost in his career when he was put in charge of CatCo because…

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

4. Cat Grant left!

5. But before she did, she gave Kara a promotion from secretary to journalist

6. Which she lost

7. And then earned back

8. Lex Luthor’s sister took over LuthorCorp

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

9. Turned it to L-Corp

10. And surprised everyone by being… really nice

11. Can’t say the same for her mum though, Lillian Luthor

12. Who kidnapped Kara and Alex’s dad, Jeremiah Danvers

13. Gave him a robotic arm

14. And threatened the lives of his children

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

15. She also wooed the original Hank Henshaw

16. And enhanced his anti-alien attitude with super-strength and other abilities

17. Essentially turning him into the ‘Cyborg Superman’

18. She tried to forcibly remove aliens from the planet

19. But was stopped by a determined Alex Danvers

20. And also incriminated her own daughter of a crime

21. Tossed her to the side on several occasions

22. Before actually doing the right thing and saving her life

23. But left Supergirl behind in the process to fend for herself (which she totally did BTW)

24. However, there was that brief union between Supergirl and Lillian

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

25. That led the pair along with Lena, to remove a fleet of alien ships from Earth

26. Which brings us to that assumed criminal from Krypton found comotosed in a pod

27. Who woke up, escaped and turned out to be Mon-El, a royal from Krypton’s rival planet which was destroyed by Krypton’s explosion, called Daxam

28. Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) joined the series as the United States’ President and an undercover alien

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

29. She helped maintain that strong female leadership riddled throughout the series

30. Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) also joined the show as the Daxam’s King

31. Until he was stabbed by his wife for ‘turning against the family’

32. Speaking of the Queen, it was actually Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher)

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

33. Who was obsessed with bringing her son, Mon-El, back to Daxam

34. So-much-so that she put a bounty on the head of the love interest keeping him on Earth (Kara)

35. Tried to marry him off to Lena Luthor

36. Brought green kryptonite back to Earth (J’onn J’onzz had destroyed it all)

37. And silver kryptonite

38. Tried to take away Kara’s BFF, Lena

39. And then replicated an Ori-invasion through a non-Stargate

40. Kara fell in love

41. As did Winn

42. And Alex got engaged

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

43. J’onn J’onzz found another Green Martian

44. Who was actually a White Martian

45. A good White Martian who saved his life, saved the day and…

46. Became his inter-galactic girlfriend

47. Oh, and how could I forget! Superman made an appearance not once, not twice, not three times, but four times throughout the season!

48. He was influenced into turning against his cousin

49. And may have hinted at a Justice League movie storyline when he said: “If it comes down to a choice between Lois and the world, I don’t think I could.”

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

50. There was also an agreeable moment between Supergirl and her nemesis Livewire

51. An Aladdin-wannabe tried to force Kara’s hand in marriage

52. Mon-El couldn’t keep his relationship with Kara a secret for a minute

53. Which contributed to their break-up

54. The Flash and Cisco jumped into National City via a vortex for the four-way Arrow-verse crossover

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

55. And there was some musical magic between Kara and Barry

56. J’onn J’onzz pretended to be Kara’s dad, which really crossed a line

57. ‘You’re my Kryptonite’ became a thing thanks to Lena Luthor

58. The group found a bar for aliens

59. Wonder Woman and Ali McBeal had a verbal battle with Lois Lane

Image: TVLine/The CW Network

60. Cat Grant returned…

61. With that sharp tongue and some wise words

62. Before revealing she totally knows that Kara and Supergirl are one

62. And finally, Supergirl was forced to sacrifice love

63. But it helped set up for a season three when Mor-El unwillingly flew into a wormhole

I obviously missed alot of things, help fill in the blanks by posting other moments from the season below.

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