By now, we all know a fair bit about the new Spidey suit thanks to the young hero’s brief but memorable appearance in Captain America: Civil War and all those promos on Instagram.

It’s probably the most advanced Spider-Man ensemble to appear on the big screen as it’s practically a less clunky version of Iron Man’s gear – which shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as the Avenger took it upon himself to pimp the red suit.

It has web wings, an upgraded web shooter and Stark’s favourite… holographic displays!

This week Marvel spilled a few more details about the high-tech outfit and it’s even cooler than we thought with its own spin on The Falcon’s Red Wing and its ability to accommodate to any wearer’s size.

Here are three new things we’ve learned about the Spider-Man suit ahead of Homecoming:


1. Automatically deployed web snares

Wow, don’t get too close to Spider-Man.


2. One size fits all

Okay, now this makes me wonder if Ned (his best friend) will try on the rest of the outfit at some point in the movie…


3. And finally, the mini-Red Wing

It’s like The Falcon’s piece, but smaller.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled for release in Australia on 6 July.

What are your thoughts on the new suit?

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