Take the emotions and imagination of Hollywood blockbuster E.T., throw in the adventure and some visual inspiration from The Goonies and top it off with the introduction of an adorable, scientifically spawned dinosaur.

They’re just a few of the ingredients that went into cooking up what may very well be Australia’s next childhood cult classic, My Pet Dinosaur.

Scheduled for nation-wide release next week, it’s a simplistic and emotionally driven story about a young boy trying to protect his foreign and socially unacceptable pet from the authorities.

Sound familiar?

Speaking to GDU, the film’s Writer and Director Matt Drummond said that while the overall storyline may feel reminiscent of the ever-popular E.T., the movie actually takes inspiration from several 80s family films.

“There is a certain magic and innocence that abounds in those 80’s films such as E.T., and The Goonies,” Drummond said.

“Kids, bikes and adventure just seem to go hand in hand. Riding bikes with friends around the neighbourhood is a universal concept and is a notion that most people can identify with and reminisce about from their childhood.

“The whole ‘nostalgia’ look seems to have become quite popular since the success of the TV series Stranger Things, which is timely for us as we had already filmed before the series had gone to air and had chosen to use similar design themes even though our film is set in the current day.”

In addition to taking viewers back to young adventure classics such as The NeverEnding Story or even The Land Before Time through throwback visuals and tales, Drummond said he also tried to steer away from today’s “overly complicated plot lines” in the hopes the of giving today’s viewers access to an “emotionally layered story”.

“The plot is not over developed, but is an emotionally layered story,” he explained. “There isn’t a lot of films around like that these days for kids.”

“I hope the story captures the imagination and engages audiences in ways they don’t expect.”

My Pet Dinosaur is scheduled to hit all Hoyts cinemas around Australia on 22 April. Check out the trailer below:

Are you planning to check out the new family film My Pet Dinosaur?

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