Imagine waking up one morning to discover your ancestry traces centuries back to a secret society which has the sole (but very vital) purpose of protecting free will…

… and that by using a claw-like reality-altering device, you can tap into your genetic lineage, access your ancestor’s memories and unlock ancient mysteries.

Totally trippy right?

But also incredibly interesting.

That’s the way you’ll feel watching the¬†action-adventure film Assassin’s Creed, which merges the past and the present just as much as it blends fiction with reality.

What do I mean by that? Well, although film doesn’t shy away from CGI and special effects, did you know creators went out of their way to find a location that best resembled 15th Century Spain in order to bring a little realism to the movie?

That’s just one of the many secrets of Assassin’s Creed, here are a few more:


The ‘leap of faith’ actually happened

It was a 120-foot drop that was actually taken, just not by lead actor Michael Fassbender aka Cal.

Stuntman, Damien Walters took the leap on his behalf.


But it had to be done in stages

While some may want to just get the main jump out of the way, in a behind the scenes feature, Walters said that in order to safely complete the jump, he was required to work his way up to the big 120-foot drop by starting from 70-feet.

Click here to see how he did it.


It may look like 15th Century Spain, but it’s actually…

Where can you find a town that’s practically a replica of ancient Seville? Try Malta.

The Assassin’s Creed team said they searched all over Europe for a place that closely resembled 15th Century Spain and found it in Malta’s UNESCO World Heritage listed, Valletta.


But it was all designed to have as much ‘real location’ as possible

According to the movie’s creators, a lot of paperwork and structure reports went into filming in the World Heritage Listed site, but it was all worth the effort to bring as much authenticity to the film as possible.


Jumping from building-to-building – that actually happened too

No, they weren’t safely jumping in front of a green screen or in some enclosed room, actors and parkour professionals were actually leaping from building-to-building in the ancient town.


Sofia almost had a completely different accent

Marion Cotillard (Sofia) debated whether she should take on a British accent which would match Jeremy Iron’s, who played her character’s father Alan Rikkin.

However, she and the movie’s Director decided it would be best to keep her accent separate from Jeremy’s to create “mystery around the father-daughter relationship”.


And finally, the movie almost ended with everyone dead except Cal

Cal could have ended up as a loner Assassin if the people in charge went ahead with the alternative ending.

However, the movie’s Editor, Christopher Tellefsen, said early viewers weren’t satisfied with the main character ending up alone and wished for him to be initiated into something.


So now that you’re in on some of the secrets, you can join the secret society by picking up a copy of Assassin’s Creed which is new to Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital HD.

Have you watched Assassin’s Creed? Let us know what you thought of the movie below.

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