Logan’s killing it in the box office, Kong: Skull Island is out on the big screen, Eleven from Stranger Things is coming to Australia…

… and we’ve received not one, but THREE awesome new teasers and trailers.

The last seven days have been huge for fans of pop culture in film and television and it all started last Sunday when Deadpool decided to sh#t over Wolverine’s spotlight by releasing a short video promoting his second movie.

The four-minute clip showcases the crude mutant’s inability to be heroic, it hilariously takes a stab at Superman and pokes at his clawed, friendly rival.

Check it out below.

Then on Thursday, HBO practically broke the web when it announced the return date for Game of Thrones Season 7 (16 June) and unleashed a new teaser upon the world.

In less than a minute-and-a-half, the chilling video reminisces on some of the top quotes and moments from the popular series, before touching on the future.

A Jon Snow voice-over is heard saying, “there’s only one war that matters, the Great War. And it is here”, as the eye of a White Walker comes into view, indicating that this season won’t just be about who sits on the Iron Throne, but finally fighting the vicious winter creatures.

Check it out.

And finally, DC’s Wonder Woman helped wrap up an incredible week with a powerful teaser, stunning new poster and a goosebump-contracting trailer for the heroine’s first solo movie.

The two-and-a-half-minute trailer revealed a little of the warrior’s backstory/childhood before moving into her ‘Little Mermaid’-inspired romance with Steve and the humans of Earth.

Check out the trailer below.

Which teaser/trailer were you most excited to see?

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