“Is everyone STILL talking about the Academy Awards?”

It’s now a good two days since the annual affair, which attracted millions of viewers and made headlines over and over and over again thanks to stand out moments such as the Best Picture ‘mix up’ and Nicole Kidman’s non-hand clap.

You’re probably just as over it as I am, but before all the PR and chatter simmers, I think it’s important to acknowledge some of the best pop culture moments from the awards night, including those fantasy and comic winners.


1. When Hawkeye tried to take down Captain America

Looks like the Civil War is still going.


2. And when Fantastic Beasts became the first movie in the Harry Potter franchise to win an Oscar

‘Best Costume Design’ – we’d have to agree.


3. When Harley Quinn had the best hair & make up team in Hollywood

Suicide Squad

Her pigtails may not seem like much, but add in the colour and then throw in the pale skin, under-the-eye tatto and stand out makeup and you’ve got one pretty big job, which landed the Suicide Squad team an award for ‘Best Makeup and Hair Styling’.

Meanwhile, can you imagine the effort that went into Killer Croc’s look…


4. Plus when sci-fi took home an award

Shout out to Arrival and Lois Lane from Man of Steel aka Amy Adam for having the ‘Best Sound Editing’.


5. When Luke Cage’s villain took out ‘Best Supporting Actor’

It may not have been for his role as Cottonmouth in the Netflix series, but Mahershala Ali made the entire Marvel team proud with the well-deserved accolade for his role in Moonlight.


6. And finally, when Brie Larson held a small, silent protest

She handled this just the way Captain Marvel would – with class and courage.

Click here to read more about it.


7. Oh, and who could forget this woman who had the realest reaction to meeting Young Hercules

Did you spot any great pop culture moments at the Academy Awards? Share them with us below.

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