Some saw his potential during those Baywatch days, others noticed it when he was running away from the Wraith in Stargate Atlantis and then a whole group of others joined the fan base after spotting him in Game of Thrones. 

Now the talented actor is coming to Australia, not only to film his solo Aquaman movie and promote his newly released Netflix show Frontier, but to meet his many admirers.

Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo or Arthur Curry or Ronan (or so many more) will be at Oz Comic-Con this year, but unfortunately for the East Coast, so far he’s only attending the Perth (25-26 March) and Adelaide (1-2 April) events.


This won’t be the actor’s first time appearing at the annual pop culture convention, however, this year’s visit is timed perfectly with filming for the Aquaman movie scheduled to start on the Gold Coast around the same time and his big Warner Bros. Justice League movie coming out in November.

In addition to signing autographs and taking photos with attendees, Jason Momoa will also likely take part in Q&A sessions, giving fans the chance to ask him those burning questions.

Even though I won’t be there, I’m so excited for his arrival I came up with a few questions just in case any Oz Comic-Con attendee feels like asking him something, but can’t think of anything.

So here they are, seven questions to ask the movie star at Oz Comic-Con (I haven’t watched his new Netflix series Frontier so haven’t added any from that):


1. We’ve heard you’re a bit of a jokester while filming, which of your Justice League colleagues was the hardest to make laugh and how did you end up breaking him or her?



2. If you could play any other member of the Justice League, which would it be? If you could play any DC villain, which would it be and why?

Suicide Squad 5


3. Would you like your Game of Thrones character, Khal Drogo to return to the series? If so, how would you like to see that happen? For example, resurrection or another dream.



4. Hawaii is huge among Aussie travellers at the moment, what’s one thing you recommend all visitors do there (preferably not on Oahu)?



5. Were you happy with the way Stargate Atlantis ended? How else did you picture the series coming to a close? Also, did you take any of the Ancients’ tech with you? OH AND, how long did it take you and Joe to master this fight scene with one leg lifted and one hand behind your back?

Stargate Atlantis


6. This will be the second time you play a character that is either based in or comes from Atlantis – do you think this may be a sign that you may have a connection to the Lost City? And did you know much about the mythical city before signing up for Stargate Atlantis?

Justice League


7. You recently released the Canvas of My Life video to Youtube – a powerful message of parenting and legacy – what’s one thing you’ve learned from being a parent and one message you have for other parents who spend large amounts of time away from their kids?



OH, just one more – if you could be play any Marvel hero, which would it be and why?


If you could ask Jason Momoa anything (keep it PG please), what would it be?

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