The Defenders Netflix shows may not be afraid to mention big screen heroes, The Avengers, but don’t expect the same fun synergy from FX’s new X-Men series.

While Legion may revolve around Xavier’s son, David Haller, viewers have been pre-warned that the show is in “its own world”, in other words, it’s like the Arrowverse and DCEU and is completely separate from the X-Men movies.

In an interview with IGN, Legion Producer, Laura Shuler Donner, made it clear that the new comic show isn’t about getting “into the Xavier world”, but rather delving into Haller’s psyche, figuring out who the character is (not just who is his father is) and determining whether he’s powerful or a schizophrenic.

“Probably the driving mystery is, yes, who is David? But not in that sense. It’s more, ‘Is David schizophrenic? Is he crazy? Or does he have powers?” she explained.

“That is the mystery. ‘Who is David?’ We just don’t want to get into the Xavier world, because that’s not what this show is about.”


She continued, saying that Legion is in a world of its own and even IF (not to say that he will appear in the series) Xavier were to be introduced, the character is unlikely to be played by James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart.

However, in saying that, there will be one similarity between the TV series, the movies and the comics – Legion will revolve around the theme of tolerance.

“What we always want to say is, ‘It’s OK to be yourself, and actually it’s a gift to be yourself. Whatever it is that you have, that may be your gift.’ I think that’s what we always want to say, and spread it out, so have tolerance for other people who are different also,” Donner added.

Legion airs in the US on 8 February and will be fast-tracked to Foxtel’s FX Channel in Australia on 9 February.

Check out the trailer below:

Are you adding Legion to your must-watch list for 2017?

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