DC’s TV and Cinematic universes like to keep separate, but at least one person from ‘Arrow’ would like to see the two worlds collide through one particular character.

David Ramsey, who portrays John Diggle aka Spartan on The CW show, recently said he’d be keen to welcome Gotham City’s Batman in Star City for a one-to-one with the Green Arrow.

But not just any Batman, he wants Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader.

Speaking at a Q&A at the pop culture convention, Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans, the actor told the audience that he would love to see Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen sit down with Bruce Wayne as two billionaires (or in Oliver’s case – former billionaire) that “just duke it out”.


“I would love to see these two guys at a table together just like ‘sup Bruce’, ‘sup Oliver’. You know what I mean? And just duke it out, like no utility belt, no arrows, just hand-to-hand,” he explained.

He continued, saying it would also be a great way to join the two universes.

“That would be dope, just like how big would that be?”

To answer his rhetorical question – pretty freaking big!

Batman gif

If the recent four-way Arrowverse crossover of Arrow, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash could deliver high ratings, can you imagine the millions of people that would tune in to see how the cinematic version of Batman on a DC TV series would play out?

*Pictures it* it’d be crazy!

Meanwhile, in the same Q&A, a fan asked Stephen Amell and Ramsey which cinematic universe they preferred – DC or Marvel – to which Amell honestly responded with: “Marvel has a better track record with its Marvel Cinematic Universe, but nothing touches Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy”.


Watch the full Q&A below:

Would you like to see the DC Cinematic Universe crossover with the Arrowverse?

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