They watched the movie, they knew what the ‘blind man’ was capable of, but this bunch of bloggers insisted on going into his house and then this happened.

A group of entertainment writers were recently given the chance to experience what it would like to be in a scary movie, except the fear was very real.

As part of a promotion to celebrate the release of Don’t Breathe on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia, they were taken to Luna Park where they were treated to wine and snacks before being led to ‘the blind man’s house’.

In case you’re missing the reference, ‘the blind man’s house’ is the main setting for the Don’t Breathe thriller, which has been described as the ‘best American horror film in 20 years’.

Don't Breathe

It’s about three teens who hate their lives, want to escape and think it’s a smart idea to break into a blind man’s house. Hahahahaha how wrong they were!

I recently watched it… and by watched it I mean I viewed it with one hand covering my eyes, the other blocking one ear while attempting to squeeze my other ear on my shoulder. That was some scary stuff!

But back to the bloggers.

They went into the house, where the blind man (or blind men) jumped out, yelled at them and terrified them.

We’d feel bad for these writers except their reactions are pretty hilarious – and completely gif-able :).

Like this chick whose eyes were popping out of her head…


And this chick, who looks like she’s about to fight her way out of the house with the Mariah Carey high-pitched-hand-wave…


You couldn’t miss the look of terror in this guy’s face…


And then there’s this chick who literally collapsed upon escape…


Check out the full clip below. WARNING: you might want to turn your speakers down.

Have you watched Don’t Breathe yet? What did you think?

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