The happiest time of the year is literally less than a day away and if you’re looking to try something different why not celebrate it like your favourite superhero.

Break free from the traditions of exchanging gifts, singing carols and eating that incredible (borderline gluttonous) Christmas meal, and try kicking some ass or proposing with a discreetly hidden ring.

Here are five ways superheroes have celebrated Christmas in movies and on TV (*of course, we don’t actually recommend you try any of this):


Christmas sweaters & proposals


While Deadpool may not consider himself a superhero, he definitely does have the makings of one.

For a traditional Deadpool Christmas, organise some time alone with your other half, seek out a couple of Christmas-themed jumpers and ditch the bottoms.

Add a little something special to the day with a beautiful speech featuring compliments like “your crazy matches my crazy” followed by a marriage proposal – maybe don’t put the ring in any rear holes though.


OR countdown to your trailer

superhero countdown

When he’s not with his girl, Deadpool can be found celebrating Christmas in a fairly traditional way with a giant Christmas tree, a glass of eggnog and even a Santa hat.

However, to shake things up, Wade finds a way to make the big day all about him with a ’12 Days of of Deadpool’ campaign– a countdown to a new trailer.


Save 100 kids & have a long lost family member knock at your door


Thanks to various timelines, there are numerous versions of a Barry Allen Christmas to choose from. Of course either way, a ninth of the day will be saving Central City and one tenth with the people you love.

However, for one action-packed day, we turn to season two episode nine.

To celebrate as The Flash did in ‘Running to Stand Still’, you’ll need to put a little faith in your sarcastic nemesis like Captain Cold. The two of you will work together to stop the Weather Wizard from a wicked plan.

Once that’s complete, attempt a ‘normal Christmas’ with your adoptive father, ‘former’ crush and your new crush, but have a surprise like a long lost  family member waiting to knock on the door just before the Christmas presents are opened.


Have a Scrooge-like day


For a very Smallville Christmas, you need to re-watch season five episode nine and split the roles of Clark and a Lex between you and a friend.

If you’ve pulled the Clark straw, then good news, all you have to do is spend time with the girl you love and find the person that stole all the Christmas presents.

If you landed Luthor, then you’re in for a dream trip to an alternate reality where you’re not a villain, but rather a doting husband and father-to-be. Spend the day seeing what your life could be like if you were to choose a more wholesome path. Of course, you would have to eventually wake up from this blissful escape and continue to follow the villainous route.


OR have a few arrows & your loved ones handy


There are a number of ways to have a very Arrow-Christmas day, but key features tend to include some drama, a ruined party, a fight and then eventually hugs and kisses.

Specifically, there’s season four episode nine, where you can host a gathering with your closest political friends, have your fiance (well, soon-to-be fiance) on hand and ask your best friend to lead your security team.

When you think the party is going relatively well (small tiff with fiance aside), have a blonde-haired magic man, call him Damien Darhk, come in with a very grinch-like attitude.

Spend the rest of the day saving your city from the villain before regrouping with friends around the Christmas for a tree lighting. You could continue the Arrow Christmas with another encounter with Darhk, or you could just enjoy the rest of the day with smiles and presents.


Merry Christmas guys, and please don’t actually try any of these. Xoxo GDU

How does your favourite superhero celebrate Christmas?

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