A fight instructor, a couple of hours of practise, a fair few takes and boom, fight scene filmed.

Think that’s all it takes to create and shoot an epic hand-to-hand combat scene for the first show to revolve around martial arts in over forty years?

*Hits buzzer* wrong.

Into the Badlands may be one of the only shows on television right now taking us back to the 70s with its martial arts roots, but it doesn’t rely on its solo presence to attract viewers.

On the contrary, in-depth understanding of characters, hours and hours of work, fight choreography and careful planning are just the start of what goes into filming a single combat scene like that nail-biting duel between Sunny and M.K and The Abbots in the show’s season one finale.

It’s that scene featuring kicks like this…

Into the Badlands gif

Punches like this…


And crazy magic like this…


It was pretty epic right? But what exactly went into making it?

The show’s actors, producers and fight director sat down to talk about that ‘Abbot Fight’, saying it was particularly important, not only because it was the last fight of the season but because it was an introduction to the new characters as well as M.K’s abilities.

Stephen Fung, Into the Badlands Fight Director and Executive Producer, going into the scene required him to settle on a fight-style for The Abbots, which was left wide open for him.

“Because they’re mysterious and we don’t know exactly where they’re coming from, that leaves me with a lot of leverage to decide what kind of style that they’re going to have [and] what kind of abilities,” he explained.

Fung continued, saying that in addition to seeing supernatural abilities in the fight scene, he wanted to ensure there was hand-to-hand combat between Daniel Wu (Sunny) and former pro-fighter, Cung Le.

“The way we choreograph the beats of the fight is that I really want some hand-to-hand fighting,” he explained.

“We [also] used a lot of stuff for people who are martial arts fans will probably know like different sounds of Kung Fu, like the tiger claw or eagle claw.”

Check out the full clip below:

Into the Badlands season one is out on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital in Australia now.

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Otherwise, hit play below to check out the season one trailer.

Have you checked out the first season of Into the Badlands yet? What did you think? 

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