It’s a day of confirmations and good news for fans of both Marvel and DC. 

Marvel kicked off the exciting day when it confirmed another season for the invincible hero, Luke Cage.

Announcing the news in a video posted to social media, the short clip opens with a shot of the renovated ‘Pop’s Barber Shop’ – a popular location that was destroyed several times during October’s debut season. A neon light then flashes towards the bottom corner of the shop’s window, highlighting the words ‘season two coming soon’.

No further information was given on the follow up, however, if the last few minutes of the first season are anything to go off, Cage will likely have to defend Harlem from Shades and Councilwoman Dillard while also discovering what the creepy doctor with a fascination for genetic mutation did to his half brother aka Diamondback.

There’s also his blooming romance with the Night Nurse, which may hit a brick wall if rumours of Cage’s appearance in Jessica Jones season two are to be believed.

Check out the clip below:

Meanwhile, over at Warner Bros., DC fans received confirmation that the Justice League’s triton-wielding hero, Aquaman, will make his solo debut on 5 October 2018.

Add it to your calendars!

Jason Momoa made a brief cameo as the underwater fighter in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice along with The Flash and Cyborg.


He’ll return to the big screen late next year to fight alongside the rest of the Justice League in the first Justice League movie before premiering on his own.

According to reports, Amber Heard will join Momoa in the solo Aquaman project as Queen Mera, while Willem Dafoe plays Nuidis Vulko.

Are you more excited for Aquaman or Luke Cage season two?

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