Sadly, there seems to a consensus among some movie reviewers that the latest installment in the Underworld franchise is stale and full of vampire/werewolf fighting cliches. 

That the movie re-uses fighting material from the first four movies, fails to provide any real ‘blood’ answers and struggles to develop the story line.

My response – complaining about a vampire/werewolf movie revolving around vampire and werewolf battles is a little strange.

What else did you expect going into the fifth installment of the vampire and Lycan conflict? Better yet, from a movie titled ‘blood wars‘?

I personally found the follow up to 2012’s Underworld: Awakening a fitting continuation to the series that both closes the chapter on the first four movies while creating opportunities for creators to build on the franchise (should they choose to do so).

The introduction of a new clan opens a whole new door for the fantasy series to explore; women are finally taking leadership positions among the vampires; while the Lycans receive a new head wolf who could rival the great Lucian in terms of strength, determination and presence.

More importantly, for the first time since 2003’s original Underworld release, the genetically unique Selene is given a chance at character development – and a reason to exist beyond love and loyalty.

There’s a lot to love about Underworld: Blood Wars, but we’ve narrowed it down to these eight reasons I think it’s a great addition to the franchise (haven’t watched the movie? Don’t worry, there are no spoilers ahead):


1. It’s not all about Eve


While I was as excited as the rest of the Underworld fandom to discover Michael and Selene had conceived an offspring, I wasn’t entirely ready for Eve to be the focus of the new movie.

There were certain questions from the first four movies that still needed to be addressed like… where the F is Michael? Is he alive? What happened to him?

Thankfully, we received answers to all the Michael questions.

However, in saying that, Eve is referenced throughout the entire one-and-a-half-hour movie and is set up to be at the heart of any future flicks.


2. Selene & David – still just a friendship of mutual respect


Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a Selene and David love affair, but in Blood Wars it makes more sense to keep the pair in a tight friendship built on mutual respect.


3. Marius –– a worthy Lycan leader


As mentioned above, Marius’ leadership rivals that of Lucian’s.

He’s not only determined to take down the vampires and bring strength to his people, but he places emphasis on bringing all Lycans together and working as a unit.

However, unlike Lucian, he has selfish motives that aren’t necessarily beneficial to the pack.


4. The introduction of an interesting new clan


Trying hard to avoid spoilers so all I’ll say is, the new northern clan not only gave the franchise a chance to take vampires to all new levels, but created an opportunity to evolve Selene’s character.


5. Evolution of Selene’s character


By the end of Blood Wars, Selene has “gone full circle” while also experiencing major growth both physically and emotionally – she’s borderline emo in that opening narration, but then a little hopeful in the closing voice over.

The events of the movie or ‘the water’ also give the character a reason to live beyond love and loyalty.


6. That spinal chord scene


Crinnngeeee! That’s literally the face (above) I made during that scene. No spoilers, but it was disgustingly amazing.


7. Giving David purpose beyond Selene


Finally, the hottie vampire has a decent reason to be in the franchise beyond being Selene’s knight in shining armor.


8. Setting up for the next chapter


As mentioned earlier, Blood Wars closes the door on the first four chapters, while creating opportunities for the future.

As far as we can tell, creators of the show haven’t confirmed a sixth movie, however, the way Blood Wars ended, there’s definitely still a story to be told.

Have you watched Underworld: Blood Wars? What did you think?


  1. Well said! I love the movie. Anna did a fantastic job with Blood Wars. I feel that this could be the final chapter, but still look forward to anything related to Underworld in the future.

    After watching Blood Wars over 100 times, I still can’t believe how amazing this movie is!


    • Thanks. I completely agree, it was brilliant and definitely one to watch over and over again. I really hope there’s another movie. It’s such a brilliant franchise but sadly it seems as though the hype around the entire vampire genre has died down… for now.


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