The ‘vexing’ villain’s spin off movie has taken a step forward this week, with reports that Warner Bros. has secured a screenwriter.

According to The Wrap, the writer behind Shut In and the next Transformers movie, Christina Hodson, has signed on to pen the Harley Quinn flick.

So far, the announcement has been well received by media outlets, with some claiming that in addition to bringing female perspective to a female-focused movie, Hodson has a proven talent for delivering fresh and exciting productions.

Harley Quinn

Little else is known about the Suicide Squad spin-off, which was only confirmed  two months ago as part of Warner Bros.’ intentions to expand on the number of female characters in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Although Harley Quinn will be at the centre of the movie, the production company said the movie will also feature several other leading ladies.


Fans have speculated that this could include the Birds of Prey trio – Barbara Gordon, Black Canary and The Huntress.

Which DC female characters would you like to see join Harley Quinn in the spin-off? 

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