“What was Spock like in real life?”

It was the question many Star Trek fans were keen to have answered at this year’s Trieste Science+Fiction festival in northeast Italy last week, and Adam Nimoy was happy to answer.

The son of Leonard Nimoy, the man who played Spock in the original series, made an appearance at the festival alongside Terry Farrell who played Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Image: Trieste Science+Fiction

Before presenting a documentary on the life of Leonard Nimoy titled ‘For the love of Spock’, Adam spoke a little about his father behind the scenes, saying he was a Renaissance man with many talents whom he would eventually look up to.

“He was a poet, a director, a photographer, an actor and he also knew how to build furniture,” he said. “Only towards the end of his life he started to be a family man more than anything else, he became the Don Corleone in our family.”

Image: Trieste Science+Fiction

He continued, explaining that for much of his life he tried to be anything other than his dad, and even studied law to set himself apart.

“But, after many attempts to be different from him, I understood that I wanted to be exactly like him,” he added.

Image: Trieste Science+Fiction

Meanwhile, Terry Farrell talked about her role as the 350-year-old Trill, saying she felt as though she was “too young to portray such a fascinating and wise woman”.

“She has given me life lessons which I crawled on broken glass to learn,” Farrell said. “She has always been what I long to become in my old age.”

According to a press release from Trieste Science+Fiction, Nimoy and Farrell hinted at a new documentary project, which would focus on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

If you could learn one thing about Leonard Nimoy, what would it be?

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