Cinematic Universe – its where film studios expand on the success of one movie by building stories around other characters and then uniting everyone every four years or so for one mega-flick. 

All movies link together and feature ‘Easter Eggs‘ or hints on the future of the universe, forcing fans to watch each release whether they’re invested in certain characters or not.

The MCU is well-developed, Warner Bros. and DC are advancing with theirs, 20th Century Fox has a mini-universe on the X-Men and even Disney and LucasFilm are creating one around Star Wars.

Now Star Trek’s screenwriter, Doug Jung, wants in on the multiverse action, saying it would be an opportunity to focus on “secondary characters”.

Image: Paramount Pictures
Image: Paramount Pictures

Jung, who co-wrote Star Trek Beyond, told EW that there’s plenty for the franchise to build on, like a “Zero Dark Thirty version of Star Trek” or even movies that centre around younger characters in the Academy.

“It’s a franchise that can support different styles of movies,” Jung said.

“It’s 50 years worth of discovery, and obviously they’re doing that with Star Trek Discovery, but why not blow it out to a cinematic universe that has secondary characters, and smaller story lines, more intimate story lines, ones that deal with more of an espionage element versus the large-scale exploration themed of the main Star Trek.”

Star Trek Discovery

Meanwhile, the new Star Trek TV series, Star Trek: Discovery, is scheduled to air in the US in May next year and will be set a decade before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission.

Earlier this year, CBS revealed that the main character will be a woman, but she would not be the captain of the show’s ship, USS Discovery. However, since these details were released, Star Trek: Discovery’s Executive Producer, Bryan Fuller, has apparently pulled out of the project, leaving fans to wonder whether a new showrunner will take the series in a different direction.


While we wait to see what’s ahead for the Star Trek franchise, here in Australia you can catch up on the USS Enterprise’s journey by picking up Star Trek Beyond on DVD, which was released country-wide earlier this week.

GDU is celebrating the release of Star Trek Beyond by giving you the chance to WIN one of three copies on DVD.

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If a Star Trek Cinematic Universe is developed, which secondary characters would you want the new movies to focus on?

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