Don’t be afraid of the dark, be afraid of how old you’re going to feel when you realise it has been 16 years since the fantasy kids series first aired.



Feels like only yesterday we were working our way through ABC’s after-school program and patiently waiting for Gary, Kiki, Frank and the other members of the Midnight Society to give us our daily afternoon-scare.

Now we’re four years shy from the show’s 20 year anniversary! How? Maybe Peter’s energy-transferring system actually exists and it’s really only been two days since it first aired… maybe.

With the 16 year anniversary of the creepy series falling on Halloween (co-incidence?), we thought it was a fitting time to re-watch the first season (because while episodes aren’t entirely scary, when you watch them in succession they’re actually quite spooky) and get a few tips on scary storytelling from the pros.

So here it is, 16 things Are You Afraid of the Dark taught us about telling scary stories.


1. Don’t just come in with a great story, come in prepared with props… like a camera for a story on photo’s capturing people’s souls

Are You Afraid of the Dark


2. Or red cordial if your tale revolves around vampires



3. Sound effects at the right time can really scare the sh#t out of your listeners, and can come from almost anywhere, even your pet dog



4. The simplest of ghost stories will always be scary… especially when the supernatural is crossing into our dimension through the mirror



5. Or possessing people’s bodies via clothing



6. A scary story is always scarier when there’s a scary story within



7. And your villain should laugh ‘wickedly’ at least once during the story… and it should preferably last around 15 seconds



8. If you think your story is complicated, try and take at least one break… this’ll give your listeners a chance to ask questions



9. And for you to add to the mystery with cryptic answers


10. Just because it’s a scary story, it doesn’t mean it can’t be educational too



11. Or have a moral to the story



12. And remember, it’s okay for horror tales to have a happy ending



13. Inspiration for your stories can be found anywhere… even your dad’s work


14. And sometimes ending with a chilling rhyme can give your listeners a few last goosebumps



15. But most importantly, a good scary story can become a great scary story if told in the right setting, like by a fire in a random forest…



16. And at the right time, like midnight

Happy storytelling!

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What did Are You Afraid of the Dark teach you about scary storytelling?


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