The guys over at Marvel/Disney are having a pretty good day, because their forthcoming MCU release ‘Doctor Strange’ received a whole lot praise from early viewers.

While it seems full reviews are embargoed until this weekend, some of those lucky peeps who watched the movie a week ahead of its release, have taken to Twitter to offer their opinions without giving away any spoilers (or if there were any, we totally avoided them).

GDU scoured through as many Tweets as we could looking for the good and the bad, but it seems pretty much everyone that has seen the movie liked it… a lot.

Here’s what a few of those fortunate souls are saying about Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance and Marvel’s upcoming movie, Doctor Strange:


1. For Jim, the movie was “good, not great”


2. While Steven wasn’t just impressed, he was impressed with Marvel/Disney for pushing boundaries… again


3. For Kean, the movie was so good that he may have just dumped Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Superman and every other hero for Stephen Strange


4. And it certainly exceeded Jeff’s expectations


5. Peter was hooked on the “great, clever” action


6. Just like Nuke The Fridge, who described the fighting as ‘epic’


7. Sedonah gave us something to really look forward to, when claiming the post-credit scene made her “more excited”


8. While Amy really had us hyped with her #HappyMarvelTears

Doctor Strange will be out in Australian cinemas on 27 October.

Featured image: Marvel

Will you be watching Doctor Strange?

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