Supergirl and Superman fought as a super-unit again, we got our first look at Metropolis, the other Kryptonian woke up (and strangled Kara) and we know Alex’s dad is still out there somewhere.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 was full of surprises but nothing, I repeat, nothing could have prepared us for Cat Grant‘s departure.

We were like “little Kate Winslets” barely floating in a sea of confusion (get it 🙂 last week’s episode).

When The CW purchased the show and moved production from Los Angeles up to Canada, we knew there was a chance that Calista Flockhart may not continue on as the feisty head of Cat Co. and Kara’s idol.

However, when last week’s season premiere rolled around and she was very much a part of the episode, we thought that perhaps she’d reached an arrangement with the network to fly down, film a whole lot of scenes and then take the rest of the season off.

It was the Cat Grant Dream, but like a meeting with the busiest woman in National City, it didn’t last long.

Instead the woman who got “a spot on Oprah”, “asked out Idris Elba” and “branded” Supergirl, announced her departure from the series in tear jerking way… although best never let her see any tears, she’d probably wave her hand and tell you to get out because she “couldn’t stomach look at you any longer”.

Cat pissed 4

Kara was equally as surprised as we to learn that Cat Grant was “diving” into the unknown by leaving her spot as the head of Cat Co.

“The ‘cat’ is out of the bag,” she told Kara. “I’m taking a leave of absence from Cat Co.”

The fictional character continued, explaining that she didn’t feel fulfilled in her role… or something like that, I stopped listening because what the f!

I only managed to tune back in to hear Kara state what some fans were probably thinking, “I can’t imagine being here [in our case, watching the show] without you”.

Filling in her (likely pricey) pumps as the head of Cat Co., will be award-winning photographer, James Olsen… because we all know photographers are qualified enough to run an entire media company (or maybe they are, I’m actually not too sure, still in a state of shock).

We’ll just have to wait and see if Olsen has what it takes to replace the Queen of National City (dubbed by me) and at least we can always look forward to quirky and sarcastic commentary from one hilarious Winn – he’s not going anywhere right?

AND there’s the arrival of Lynda Carter as the President in next week’s episode (I actually thought she’d appear this week, my bad) AND Melissa Benoist is pretty incredible as Supergirl, so… I’ll definitely be tuning in for the rest of the season.

Farewell Cat, don’t strain a calf muscle stepping over the imaginary shrine I’ve placed out front of Cat Co.

Cat shrine

Were you surprised by Cat Grant’s departure from Supergirl?


    • Thanks for the comment :). Huge fan of ‘Supergirl’ right here, but I’ve recently cut back on the number of articles/spoilers I read about my favourite shows. I actually recommend it if you’re someone who likes to be surprised, it’s nice watching a series without knowing what’s ahead – even when it’s a surprise like my favourite character’s departure.


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