“All of you will be great warriors.” – Aslaug.

Is that the Queen’s foresight or just motherly intuition? Guess we’ll soon find out.

The first half of Vikings season four started a new chapter for the History Channel series, one which expands beyond the myth of Ragnar Lothbrok to the tales of his sons – all six of them (even Magnus).

From Bjorn’s face off with a bear, to Ubbe watching his father murder his mistress/drug pusher, joining the second raid in Paris and discussions of the Mediterranean, all signs lead to Ragnar’s ‘young charismatic sons’ coming into their own and eventually leading the series into the future, just as creator Michael Hirst always intended.

Image: History Channel
While viewers received a taste of the ‘the new gang of Kattegat’ (as they like to refer to themselves on Instagram) in adult-form during the final moments of the mid-season finale, the first 10 episodes focus on giving the younger versions of the future legends more presence in the series.

Beyond establishing that there’s no going back and the show is only moving forward, the first half of Vikings season four continues to deliver on character development, an intriguing story line and memorable battle scenes.

Vikings Rollo
Image: History Channel
There’s all new levels of family drama with Rollo once again proving he’s the worst brother in history (seriously) as he sides with the Parisians, while Aslaug sets her sights on Ragnar’s crown.

On the battlefield, the stakes are as high as they were in season two with family once again fighting against family. But of course, a show like Vikings doesn’t need warfare for a little blood shed or torture, as proven by Lagertha who continues to promote gender equality through the unforgettable use of a knife and Ragnar’s reluctant, yet beyond cruel punishment for Floki.


Couldn’t look away…

Vikings bjorn

  • When Einar was castrated… in public
  • Noticing the toll leadership (and drug addiction) has taken on Ragnar’s appearance – kudos to the makeup and wardrobe departments, his physical transformation each season is incredible
  • Floki’s cave scenes, and when learning his daughter’s fate
  • Watching Lagertha fight while pregnant
  • And watching Rollo direct his French men to fire arrows towards her group
  • Seeing Viking’s engineering skills (and strength) in action when towing their entire fleet over a hill
  • Every Duke Rollo scene
  • That battle between brothers… I think Rollo could have taken out Ragnar
  • And Alfred’s holy crowning in Rome… that was odd right?

Vikings Season 4, Part 1 is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

What did you think of Viking’s season four part one?


  1. Just one thing… Lagertha wasn’t “heavily pregnant”, it was still very early. Didn’t even have a baby bump.
    I’m still not sure if I like this new direction the series has taken. I sure wasn’t excited by the 8-10 year time jump. I like the story best when it’s mostly focused on Ragnar and Lagertha, but now it seems that the focus is really shifting. I also think it’s completely stupid to make us wait for a mere two episodes extra when season 4 IMO definitely ended with episode 10. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Just start with a new season, you know?
    I was also seriously disappointed with the fact that Ragnar was unable to end Rollo once and for all. Which can only mean that Rollo has been sitting on his treacherous, lying French ass for the past decade, and has probably risen to a great deal of power in the meantime.
    With the dice rolled the way they are now, I’m not even sure if I’m looking forward to season 5.
    Oh well, we’ll see.

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    • Thanks 🙂 updated. Loved the initial Ragnar/Lagertha story line too and while part of me wishes they would both drop Aslaug and reunite, the other part feels like Lagertha has outgrown him.
      I didn’t realise the second half of the season was only two episodes… I don’t understand the reasoning behind that one either.
      RE: the focus of the show, I’m actually excited to see how his sons contribute to the series. I really like how Bjorn has come into his own and attempts to fill in for Ragnar in his absence. I’m expecting the others to be equally as entertaining. Also I was reading season five updates and it looks like Travis Fimmel is very much still a part of the series, so maybe the sons won’t play as big a role as I was expecting. If that’s the case, then maybe killing off Rollo in season four would have been pre-mature since he’s kind of one of Ragnar’s biggest rivals (although I felt exactly the same).


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