Only Barry could accidentally turn one of the cheekiest characters in Central City into a heartbroken mess.

Nice one Flash, she said through clenched teeth.

But seriously, Barry’s escape to and from the Flashpoint in episode one has played havoc on the original timeline by altering some of the main character’s story lines and adjusting their personalities.

Like for example, the show’s most meme-able character, Cisco, is now one-step away from being a mopping drone after losing his brother, Dante, in a car accident (did Nicholas Gonzalez need the time off to play Spencer’s love interest in Pretty Little Liars?).

On a positive, wit and humour may not have completely escaped the beloved character, there was pretty strong indication that in time Cisco will be back to his quirky, sarcastic self. Writer were also hinting that in time, he could potentially act as Barry’s sidekick on the field using his (now mastered) Vibe powers.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Speaking of meta-human abilities, Captain Cold may be dead (spoiler if you haven’t finished DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season one), but it looks like Caitlin has picked up a bit of a chill.

While it seemed like she may have been the only one unaffected by Barry’s time travel (I was secretly hoping Ronnie was alive again), she actually seems to be the one most affected because she’s emitting a bit of that Killer Frost, uh, frost.

Is evil Caitlin going to make a come back? Please say yes! She was great as a villain.

Another change within ‘Team Flash’ was a rift between Joe and Iris (apparently the Iris in this timeline doesn’t forgive so easily), which was quickly resolved with a heartwarming speech.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

AND then there’s Tom Felton’s debut on the show as Barry’s paranoid co-worker, who had a very Draco-moment when he practically cornered the speedster to accuse him of not being as ‘good’ as he seems… uh okay guy who once froze Harry, broke his nose and then hid him under an invisibility cloak.

It was actually nice to see Barry receive a little challenge at work, seems like he’s in and out without any real commitment or consequence so hopefully Felton’s presence in the series will make the precinct a more prominent part of the story line, like it was in season one.

Outside of Central City, the guys over on ‘Team Arrow’ also seem to have been affected by Barry’s run to the past, with John Diggle now being the father of a son instead of a daughter… did anyone notice that in the season five premiere of Arrow? That totally went over my heard.

Looking forward to seeing how the new timeline progresses and who the new villain, Alchemy, oh sorry, Doctor Alchemy will ‘fix’ next.

On a final note, how hilarious was it when Flash Henry took Barry to a pub in 1999 and Dawson’s Creek was playing on the TV 🙂 great reference to John Wesley Shipp’s role as Dawson’s dad.

Oh! And Barry had his third, first kiss with Iris. YAY! And it looks like she’ll remember it this time (that’s not a creepy statement at all…).

What are your hopes and predictions for the next few episodes?

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