“Seriously, they’ll never be able to top that. That was incredible.”

It’s 2014, I’ve just finished a two-and-a-half hour viewing of X-Men: Days of Future and the first thing my cousin and I agree on is that, “that was the best X-Men movie yet. Like better than First Class, any of the ‘old G’ movies and definitely superior to the Wolverine flicks”.

Fast forward two years, and while we desperately hoped X-Men: Apocalypse would prove us wrong, the movie fell short of its predecessor, but not at any fault of its own.

X-Men: Apocalypse is an exciting movie with thrilling effects and an interesting story line, it just had the misfortune of following one of the greatest superhero movies of the 21st century (Captain America: Civil War doesn’t even come close to topping Days of Future Past in my books).

X-Men Apocalypse

Days of Future Past gave fans everything they could ask for in an X-Men movie – a union of both original and new actors, the return of Storm (she should never be left out of an X-Men movie), incredible effects – nothing like that original Quicksilver scene – and one infuriating villain.

While Apocalypse, had a somewhat underwhelming villain and felt a little recycled, in that, how many times can we watch Xavier and Raven save Erik from himself, it did however, do one thing that Days of Future Past couldn’t, and that was set a strong foundation for the franchise’s future.

And that was achieved through a line up of charming new characters, who made X-Men: Apocalypse a fun, fitting and satisfying continuation to the X-Men franchise.


Nightcrawler’s awkward adorableness delivered the laughs during the at-times overly dramatic scenes. Storm electrified (hihi) the movie with a fiery attitude and enthusiasm for meeting and interacting with other mutants – an attitude that’s been missing since the original X-Men formed in First Class.

Young Jean Grey both frightened and excited us with those powers (although that Wolverine scene was borderline inappropriate), and her boyfriend Scott aka Cyclops proved to be just as arrogant and insecure as his future self.


Psylocke with all her three sentences and kick ass fight scenes had us eager for another movie featuring all the newbies, while the tiny snippet of Jubilee, was the perfect taste of what could be ahead for the character.

So while X-Men: Apocalypse may not have been able to top its predecessor, as a standalone, it was a fun movie that’s left us hungry for more.


Favourite moments:


The fight scene between Angel and Nightcrawler had me chipping away at my nails.

Seeing Storm as a young thief in Egypt.

The word ‘Babylon’ appearing in Moira’s Apocalypse research notes – nice to see people haven’t forgotten about the Babylonians and hopefully the Assyrians (I’m one 😊).

That Quicksilver running scene – he’s just adorable.

Beast and Raven leading the X-Men training session.

Oh and, finding out how Xavier lost his gorgeous brown locks.

Buy XMen Apocalypse now on iTunes, or it’s available on 3D, Blu-ray & DVD.

What did you think of X-Men: Apocalypse?

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