If Stephen Amell’s behind-the-scenes Facebook posts haven’t hyped you up for the next season of Arrow, then this trailer is sure to do it.

Seven days out from the season five premiere, The CW released a ‘Break The Rules’ clip, which teases new enemies, a new team, the return of killer Queen (and those killer pull-ups) and so much more!

Running for a little over two-and-a-half minutes, the clip opens with a sultry woman pointing out the obvious – “you work late hours Mr Queen”… someone that’s figured out his secret?

It then jumps to Thea urging Oliver not to kill – “putting killing back on the table is a huge step backwards, that’s not what she would have wanted”… she? Probably referring to Black Canary right?

We then move to a couple of fight scenes, followed by a quick glimpse of a cop who looks A LOT like Ben McKenzie aka James Gordon from Gotham. Anyone else see a resemblance? Could just be my wishful thinking…


Fight scene, fight scene, fight scene and then comes Tobias who offers his opinion on ‘breaking people’.

Everything slows down a little and suddenly there’s a whole lot of dead people, which is assumed to be “the works of another vigilante”.

And then we meet the new team. Unable to defend Star City on his own (remember, everyone else retired), Oliver creates Team Arrow 2.0, made up entirely of vigilantes.

They are Artemis, Wild Dog and one we’ve already met (and knew would eventually be an official member of the team), Mr. Terrific.

They get their a$$es kicked by Oliver before receiving some intense training from The Green Arrow himself and his bestie Diggle.


More fighting, some flash backs, learning where those scars on his back came from and then bam! Those Arrow pull ups!


That’s only half the trailer. There’s so much more, check it out for yourself below.

What are you most looking forward to in the new season?

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