Some cry, some laugh and most have a good ol’ scream.

We all react to being scared sh#tless in different ways, but I promise you, you’ve almost never seen someone react like this guy.

Let me give you a bit of background:

Roadshow Entertainment set out to promote the release of The Conjuring 2 in a fun and unique way – I say “fun” because we live in a twisted world where other people’s fear is at times (and by that we mean only during safe pranks) a pleasure to watch.

So, the marketing team placed a double-sided mirror in a room and prepped a member of their team to look like a scary a$$ nun.

Individuals, who had just finished watching the movie during a special preview, were ushered into the room and told to standby for a quick interview.

Of course we all want to look good when we’re going to be on camera, so as expected they all approached the seemingly innocent mirror to ensure their make up and hair was on fleek.

In the midst of patting down their fly-aways and putting some powder on their noses, the room went dark and out came the nun.


The first victim jumped back to the corner of the room – as most of us would.


While the second almost lost a makeup brush during the scare:


The first guy proved a man’s scream can reach almost the same pitch as a female’s, as the fourth and fifth victims looked like they were about to cry (I actually felt sorry for the fifth one).


Then after a short break comes the best reaction.

Don’t want to oversell it, but it’s actually hilarious, possibly even the best thing you’ll see today.


No spoiler, you just have to watch it to see what he does:











Watched it so many times, and it just gets funnier.

Did it make your day too?  

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