The Walking Dead has an army of loyal followers that not only help keep the show on air, but are apparently responsible for attracting new viewers.

That is, according to Danai Gurira, who plays the the post-apocalyptic world’s katana-wielding and modest genius (she was the first person to realise that covering yourself in walker guts will deter them = genius), Michonne.

In a recent interview, the actress said she believes word-of-mouth has played a big role in not only maintaining the show’s audience, but simultaneously attracting new viewers each season.

Describing fans as “ambassadors”, she explained that they’re out there talking about The Walking Dead to family, friends and co-workers, so-much-so that they’re inspiring others to go out and watch the series.

The Walking Dead

“The show means so much to them that they are the best ambassadors,” she said.

“They’re the ones who tell their friends, and their family, and their co-workers, ‘you have to watch this show. You have to watch this show’.”

“I can’t tell you the number of people who have come up to me, [and] come up to the rest of us and said, ‘I didn’t watch the show. This is actually my first season with season five’, but I, [and] everyone says, ‘just watch the first episode’.”

Side note: this couldn’t be more true. Personally, I started watching the series two years ago because my bestie kept telling me I’d love it. The key to getting me to watch it – “trust me, it doesn’t feel like you’re watching a zombie show”.

The Walking Dead

During the Q&A, Gurira also touched on Michonne’s mental state throughout the last season, and said she thinks her character is trying to find a way to stabilise herself and the people around her by finding a way to live beyond survival

“We have there has to be society in this world. It can’t just be Terminus and the governor. That can’t be all that this world has come to,” she said.

“And so it really is that sort of belief and the hope that she was carrying sort of came to fruition in a sense when they found when they were found by Aaron. But the idea now is how do you integrate into this society, into this community? And Michelle’s choice is she did kind of go all the way.”

The Walking Dead season seven premieres late next month, until then you can catch up on season six now on Digital or purchase it on Blu-Ray and DVD on 21 September.

Have you been a bit of a The Walking Dead advocate with your friends and family?

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